Treatment levels of the Micro Water Plant

  1. Precipitation: flocculation of all particulate matter present in the water (>0.1 μm). For example: oils, greases, dirt etc. on particle sizes >40 μm, which are removed by means of filter sponges.
  2. UV treatment: sterilization (99,9%)
  3. Fine filtering with: PCW®-PF-MWP: Silver as a commodity / Birm / Zeolite / activated carbon: fine-degermination / iron, heavy metals, ammonium, cesium, strontium / chlorine, ozone, bacteria.

Filter materials and their effect


reduces and/or eliminates high iron and manganese values through oxidation.


decomposes inorganic pollution (the dissolution rate of strontium or cesium is up to 99.9%), furthermore it purifies the water of heavy metals, ammonia and nitrates.

Activated Carbon

removes odors and flavors (e.g., chlorine, ozone, humic substances) as well as herbicides, fungicides, drug residues, etc.