The functioning

According to its name, the MWP represents a highly effective micro-wastewater treatment plant, which, due to its precise and patented dosing of precipitants, is far superior to its model for municipal wastewater treatment plants.

UV lamp

The water treated in chamber 3 finally undergoes UV irradiation. Here 99.95% of all germs are killed. After leaving the UV lamp, the water is again filtered through a special filter.

PCW filter

Due to its structure, this filter can not germinate and is connected downstream as a fine and safety filter. Any germs are retained in this filter and killed by the oligodynamic effect. In addition, a large part of any fungicides, pesticides, hormones and drug residues contained in this filter are filtered out by adsorption. The pipe system after the filter remains germ-free.

Information and test reports of the PCW-Filter