Clean drinking water

Irrespective of the scenario – whether earthquake, flood, storms or even missing infrastructures, the first thing needed on site is clean drinking water.
Micro Water Plant is therefore ideal for use in disaster areas to supply affected people locally inexpenisve and easily with drinking water from bacteriologically contaminated water.

Efficient water treatment

Previous solutions are usually based on reverse osmosis systems, which in addition to their complex transport logistics have a high energy demand and a high maintenance.

Micro Water Plant, on the other hand, is developed on the basis of a precipitation and filter unit and therefore easy to transport, use and maintain.

The benefits of the Micro Water Plant

Wherever polluted (not salted) waters are present, with almost every level of pollution, the Micro Water Plant can produce clean, hygienic drinking water for people in need.

The expensive drilling of a well can be omitted.

The Micro Water Plant is one of the world's smallest and most powerful water treatment plants, capable of producing up to 900 liters / h of clean drinking water.

Thanks to its low weight, the Micro Water Plant can also be transported in rough terrain using simple means of transport.

Quick and easy installation and commissioning of the Micro Water Plant, even by untrained employees. No specialist personnel necessary.

Thanks to the supplied emergency generator, the Micro Water Plant can be set up anywhere.

In regions with high solar radiation, operation is also possible with a solar system (photovoltaic with storage batteries). Normally, the Micro Water Plant is powered by electricity from the grid.

Compared to other drinking water treatment plants, the Micro Water Plant is about 2/3 cheaper with comparable hourly output.

Very low consumption costs.

Almost no wearing parts.